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Success Stories

Since some people wrote sizable testimonials I put the full testimonial with the same name on the PDF at the lower part of the page and pulled an excerpt from the longer ones up to the top. Each complete testimonial really paints a picture of the type of turn around and/or success possible. One of the reasons I started Daytona Physics Tutor is to have this kind of impact.

High School Student Parent M.C.

FINALLY…a tutor that is capable and competent in teaching higher level math and science material. Tim is calm, patient and has the innate ability to adjust the material to fir the child’s needs.
My daughters confidence grew in her own abilities by working with Tim. Would recommend him to anyone!

College Student F.S.

With no background in physics, I was overwhelmed and sought help through Tim at Daytona Physics Tutor. I completed Physics 1 for Engineers within the top 10% of the class and I couldn’t have done it without Tim McGreevy.

High School Student Parent T.A.

My son was failing math, and frustrated, ready to give up. In just a few short sessions, my son began confidently explaining how to complete the work and is earning A’s on his exams.

College Student Parent P.M.

With Tim’s support and direction, the grades came up, the frustration went down, the tension when away and things became comfortably normalized.

High School Student Parent E.B.

While my daughter is good at math, the fast teaching and large class size in her AP CALC class was just not conductive to learn. Tim is able to give her one on one instruction weekly at her pace. We highly recommend Daytona Physics Tutor!.

College Student G.D.

I am amazed with the help and clarification I receive each time I go to Daytona Physics Tutor. I am studying high level physics and the fact that Tim can simplify the subject at that level so that I can understand is truly a talent.

High School Student Parent D.A.

She only needed to see him twice to understand the material and was able to pass her class with a B.

Really compassionate professor that helped me…
… “T” gets so much out of it every time she works with you…
……The difference came when I found an expert in the subject matter…
…….This helped me so much….