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Welcome to Daytona Physics Tutor I look forward to working with you.

Policy Form

When we first work together there is a form to complete that outlines the polices I follow at Daytona Physics Tutor. The form has the same policies as listed on the DPT website. Please find that policy form here: DPT Policy Form. Either before or at our first session please bring the completed form. For parents not attending in person or those online please complete, sign, scan and email the signed form to Tim@daytonaphysicstutor.com before our first session. Thank you.


Accepted Methods of Payment: Cash, Check, American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa

- All refunds are store credit only.
– Payment is due at time of service.
– For online sessions payment is due prior to tutoring session.
– There is a one hour minimum charge.
– Returned checks have a $25 charge and any associated fees.


Cancellation requires 24 hours notice. If less than 24 hours notice is given then there will be a one hour charge.
Please understand there are No Exceptions. If Daytona Physics Tutor cancelled, there will be a one hour credit.

Late Arrivals

No additional time will be added due to late arrival of the student.

DPT Obligations

- Daytona Physics Tutor undertakes to do all preparation prior to the lesson in order to optimize time to benefit the student.
– Daytona Physics Tutor shall at no time be required or obligated to execute homework or assignments on behalf of the student.